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An open-source platform allowing continous 3D printing with zero human interaction.

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Perfect for schools, businesses, makerspaces or personal use

Browser Based CAD

We integrate jSketcher a javascript-based parametric 3D modeler. No need to purchase or license expensive CAD software.

Multi User Print Queue

Simply upload your files and receive email notification when they are printed.

Automatic print ejection hardware

Automatic print removal so that your printer can run continuously with out human interaction. Your parts simply fall in a bin when they are complete

Open Source Awesomeness

It's MIT licenced. You can roll your own solutions, incorporate it into your own project, or use it as is. This cloud is your cloud.

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Autodrop3d Server

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Autodrop3d Client for Raspberry Pi

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From downtown New London, Connecticut to the shores of Waikiki. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the European countryside. If you have internet access, you can design and queue your designs to be ready when you return.

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